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TODAY'S NEWS, May 16, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In 2016, only one mainstream reporter caught the Trump shift in Pennsylvania, Salena Zito. She warned that Trump was weaker there in 2020. Now, in Politico, she notes that the times, they are a' changin' and that the electorate is much more MAGA than four years ago. This is pretty funny. Little Natey Silver argues that Rutabaga's team---or at least the DemoKKKrat strategists---earned an "A+++" in their debate structuring. Most of all, he hints that a bad performance would allow for a switcheroo. Nope. won't happen. Rutabaga's Team Eggplant in fact wanted this early debate precisely because it would allow them to squelch any such stories. Meanwhile, he makes clear that President Trump has always wanted more debates, not fewer. But he misses three huge implications of the structure that work in Trump's favor: the "mute" for the candidate not speaking (which will prevent Trump from having "gotcha" comments by the "moderators"), the absence of a pre-stacked anti-Trump live audience, and the absence of RFK, Jr. who will hurt Rutabaga on the ballot but would help him greatly in the debate by limiting his time and by preventing a 2:1 gang-up on Trump.

2) Big redo in a Texas election over suspected fraud.

3) A beautiful female gun-totin GOP immigrant running for the Missouri Secretary of State position, tells people "Don't be weak and gay." Man, I'm in love.

4) Rutabaga blocked release of the Special Counsel interview tapes that found him guilty but demented.

5) Meanwhile in a pro-Rutabaga "rally" in Arizona, actress and perpetual lib Eva Longoria bailed as his Latino support crumbles.

6) Remember I keep saying, don't look at our side---particularly the Doomers---but read what the leftoids are writing. Noah Smith, my favorite lib, has a powerful column as to why America is heading for a more conservative decade. One is basically people are fed up with liberalism, especially the Hamas Murder Pirates and DEI. And he didn't even include one of the big ones: God is tired of this excrement and is about to step in.

7) Really good news. NC has banned people from wearing maskies in public for health reasons. 1) they don't work; 2) they feed tyranny. Poor little maskiopaths are having a feces storm.

8) An interesting decision here, as 7-2 the Supes upheld the funding mechanism of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which some conservatives had argued was part of the Deep State regulation. However, Justice Thomas wrote the majority opinion (Alito and Gorsuch dissented) that said the mechanism itself was not unconstitutional. The Court made no ruling on the nature of the agency itself, which may well fall under the Chevron ruling later to come.

9) On top of other factors that are trending Trump, the GOP under Lara Trump and TurningPoint USA are pursuing "superchase" ballot harvesting.

10) Scumbag senator Bob Menendez blamed his wife for his corruption in his trial.

11) Another barge smashes into a bridge, this time in the Pelican River in Texas. Just an accident, I'm sure.

12) How long do you think before thieves figger out there is copper in EV charging stations?

13) So, gee, maybe perpetual diarrhea ain't so bad if Ozempic helps you curb drinking, smoking, and other addictive behaviors.

14) The moronic and evil Minion Romney said Rutabaga's economy is great, once again proving he is of the 1% and has no clue how ordinary Americans are struggling.

15) And good news in a follow up here, as the Presbyterian Church of America un-invited David (Frenchfry) French, to speak at an event. Frenchfry is about as useless as an adult at a P. Diddy Party (hat tip to Jeff Ross).


16) This may well be the future everywhere as public school enrollments shrink because after all, they just CANNOT do with less money: New York public schools got billions more since 2020 despite falling enrollments.

17) Meanwhile, predictably a DemoKKKrat judge dismissed charges against the Hamas murder pirate protesters at Arizona State.


18) The kicker for the Kansas City Swifts, Harrison Butker, gave a speech to a Catholic college commencement. He was slammed for standing up for traditional marrige and denouncing homosexualit. Good for you dude. You might make me root for the Swifts again..


19) April industrial production was negative.

20) The DOW passed 40,000 and Rutabaga's spokespoogies are acting like it's a big deal. Until the China Virus, Trump was on a trajectory to have the DOW at 42,000 already.

21) Core inflation back to 4%, core services inflation at 6%, both highest in a year.

22) The DoINJustice, unable to actually deal with crime in the streets, has weighed in against Boeing saying the company breached an agreement that shielded it from ramifications of the 737 Max crashes. Did Boeing do shady and very dangerous stuff. Absolutely. Should it be prosecuted? Probably. But this is a smokescreen to take the eye off the crime in the streets, the murders, and the illegal alien invasion.


23) Take a look at how much land you must condemn (i.,e., destroy resources) to get the same power generation as a single one-block gas or coal plant: 4,000 acres and 1 million solar panels. Insanity to perpetuate this horse excrement.

24) Although the Slovak Prime Minister is expected to survive being shot five times by a nutcase, the UK media appears to justify the shooter.

25) The Hamas Murder Pirates' fanboys are going after Keanu Reeves because he dared attend a Malibu party with Bibi Netanyahu.

26) Taylor Swift's latest whine tour, "Eras," is expected to boost the UK economy by 1 billion pounds. She is gonna have a problem at some point. Her songs are all about how she can't find love. Now that ol' Travis is in the picture, how does she keep doing that without insulting him?

27) The Netherlands is enacting the "strictest migration system ever" under the new government of Geert Wilders. Let's hope it's not too late.


29) Bob Iger is out making excuses for the failing "M-She-U," the collapse of "Indiana Jones and the Colostomy of Death," and the utter demise of "Star Wars." In fact, his streamers suck. "Willow" had a $150 million budget an was so bad it was just a tax writeoff, while "The Marvels" lost a stated $237 (but likely was closer to $337 million). Iger claims they just put out too out too many streamers. No, glandguppie, you put out too many bad streamers. One economist once said you can never have a "glut of goods," only a "glut of bads."

30) Rutabaga is carrying over $800,000 in debt after neither his books nor those of the Senior Skank sold. Gee, book sales are tough all over, huh ya demented pervert?


31) The iconic Mirage Hotel is closing after 34 years. True story about the Mirage. I was staying there with my family when my son was young and very much into (then stand-up console) video games. I'd go with him and play "Mortal Kombat" for hours. I got to be pretty good at ripping a guy's spine out. Anyway, I don't gamble. So we went to play video games and after a while ran out of money. I had about $15 left from the money we set aside for games, but wasn't ready to quit. So I stationed my son with my wife and said, "I'll be back in 15 minutes." I went to the video poker machine, won about $65 dollars, grabbed my son, and we finished our arcade quest after another hour or so.

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