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TODAY'S NEWS, May 17, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Cue Randy Quaid (Russell Case, "Independence Day"): "I been sayin it and sayin it. Ain't I been sayin' it?" THEY KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE BIG. THEY KNOW THEY CAN'T STEAL IT. Now Kampuchea Harris jokes about returning to Kollyfornia to run for governor.

2) Speaking of so-called governors, the Witless Protection (Witmer) "kidnapping hoax" is on the verge of collapse as it appears there were as many feds as alleged perps in the "plot."

3) Michael Cohen was a total disaster on the stand. One newshoaxer asked Jonathan Turley if the prosecution could recover from Cohen. "No." Another said that Cohen gave Trump his "best day" in court.

4) Some 16 DemoKKKrats joined enough Republicans to ship arms to Israel. Rage, little Progs, rage.

6) President Trump continues to edge away from Rutabaga, now up 3 in the latest Echelon poll but more important, at 49%, knock knock knockin on heaven's door at 50. In a Blueprint poll, Trump leads Rutabaga among youts on "two defining issues," namely inflation and the economy. Oh, and those student loans? Only 38% say "most important."

7) Occasional Cortex (AOC) and Marjorie Taylor Greene got into a cat fight in House proceedings yesterday. Bah. This is nuthin. In 1836 two Arkansas state legislators got into a knife fight on the floor that left one gutted and dead.

8) Congressman Greg Murphy says he has evidence Rutabaga was "jacked up" on drugs for his SOTU rage-speech. Or demonic presence. Don't rule that out.

9) They won't be able to contain this, as I have said. Ideologically and administratively capable of fighting the Hamas Murder Pirate protests, and now, when Sonoma State University President Mike Lee agreed to protesters' demands, the Cal State Chancellor had to place him on administrative leave because he didn't go through channels (i.e., they didn't have time to formulate a ridiculous out).

10) And I keep sayin' this too: listen to/read the lib insiders. Ruy Teixeira, who has been warning that the DemoKKKrats were losing the working class. Now, he argues, the latest polling shows that things are "not good, not good at all." Not only is President Trump leading Rutabaga by 16 points (12 more than in 2020), but the deterioration in this group is even worse among likely voters (18) and is even worse among non-whites, where Rutabaga's edge has fallen from . . . wait for it . . . 48 in 2020 to just 9 points among non-whites. Rutabaga is down 21 in GA and 24 in MI. Both of these numbers are significant drops since 2020. In NV Rutabaga is down 21.

11) This is perfect: Florida has done away with all uses of "climate change" in state documents and has outlawed offshore wind farms in state waters.


12) Maryland parents learned they cannot opt their kids out of transoid/homosexual "instruction" classes. Homeschool, people. Homeschool.


13) The Conference Board's leading economic indicators declined last month.

14) As with everything in Rutabaga's 1-percenter economy, the rich benefit the most from student debt forgiveness: households over $300,000 are the winner winner chicken dinners.

15) The market speaks, as the kicker for the Kanas City Swifts, Harrison Butker, sees his jersey sales soar.


16) Scientists have found up to 60 stars that show signs of "gigantic alien power plants." Like these?


17) This was a big mistake. The leftist PM of Poland, one of the most Christian nations in the world (2 million turned out to hear Pope John Paul II several years ago) banned all religious imagery in government buildings.


19) Benelo, Ben Afflack and Jennifer Lopez's relationship is apparently on the rocks.

21) NBC is going to show a nature series with animal homosexuality. Riiiiiiigh. Like so may homosexual animals maintain their species.


22) A New York artist released 100 balloon penises with Bragg's and Merchan's faces on them. Well, if the condom fits. . . .

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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