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TODAY'S NEWS, May 2, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


2) This Kaplan Strategies poll shows President Trump pulling away big in battleground states. Sorry, I don't buy it. He's up, but not by these margins. A more consistent poll, Morning Consult, though, likewise has Trump up big in all the swing states except Michigan. Sorry, but it's almost impossible for him to be up 4 in WI and 2 in PA and not be up in MI. Meanwhile, here is a national CNN poll with Trump nearing 50% and beating Rutabaga like a hollow gourd.

3) Once again, DemoKKKrat Civil War #1 will haunt them as in New Calcutta (LA), the mayor, Karen Bass Pro Shops vows to prosecute not the evil Hamas murder protester thugs but pro-Israel protesters!! Keep it up. Force all the Jews to stay home on election day. Works for me. And speaking of anti-semitism, what is going on at the Communist News Network (CNN) as Dana Bash said antisemitism in the U.S. rivals that of 1930s Europe. Yep, Dana, and they both have the same goals: total extermination of all Jews. Then they are coming for you, cuz you ain't Muslim. When "standing" bites back!

4) The campus chaos ain't goin' away, though, as overnight an "encampment" at UCLA blocked entry from non-supporters, while at UNC a group of frat boys termed "Brohemians" protected the American flag from evil spoogenuggets. Now DemoKKKrat operatives are panicking, admitting what I've told you for two months: DemoKKKrats cannot win this Civil War #1, especially if it fuses with the illegal criminal alien situation. If you need more proof, after Axios screeched its warning, Politico chimed in. Breitbart notes that "DemoKKKrats are divided" on a response". That's because they know they can't "respond" either way.

COMMENT: Let's dive into these reactions. "The longer they continue, and the worse that they get, the worse it's going to be for the election overall," one House Democrat told Axios. "The demonstrations, the lawmaker warned, are "bringing out [the public's] most conservative side." EVEN WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING President Trump comes across as a better alternative, because Rutabaga cannot and will not do anything. It's HIS pro-Hamas party. Because Trump cannot send in troops or enforce any kind of national anti-Hamas policy, all of this falls on DemoKKKrats and no matter how they try, they cannot blame it on him. The dirtiest of little secrets is that this was planned and coordinated one month after the Hamas murder attacks on Oct. 7. The colleges were already identified and "protests" being organized.

6) President Trump will become the first Republican candidate in some time to address the Libertarian Party Convention. Maybe start by saying we should end all FISA spying and terminate the Patriot Act?

7) A DoINjustice official admitted she lied to a senate committee. But she'll still keep her job of course.

8) A CIA contractor admitted that the Agency was withholding information from then-President Trump. This lawless cabal needs to be completely disbanded, and never replaced.

9) The numbers keep getting worse for the Hoax News media. Now 80% don't trust them to report facts.


10) So I was beating the horse of the "Two DemoKKKrat Civil Wars," the Hamas/Pales v. Israel/Jews and the illegal criminal invaders v. inner city residents. Now they have fused. This will strip any and all sympathy that any of the illegal invaders may have ever enjoyed and clearly put them now on the side of the murderchodes.

11) Although they are "legal," the H-1B migrants are a major ongoing problem for unemployed Americans. Now Rutabaga has welcomed in 110,000 of these new "fly in" job-takers.


12) Once again, why do Republicans trail President Trump, sometimes badly, at the state and local level? Here is an example, where two "Republican" Kansas lawmakers flipped their vote to allow the governor's veto of child mutilation legislation to stand.


13) In my best Jon PInette voice, "No we-covowy for yu-ah." The Fed will hold interest rates at high inflationary levels, so Rutabaga ain't getting a recovery.

14) Meanwhile, the Consumer Confidence Index fell for the third straight month. Come on, ya morons. Don't you know how great Rutabaga's economy is with 40% higher food, gas, and housing?

15) A second Boeing whistleblower has died in less than two months.

16) Typical moronic lawmakers insisting on raising the minimum wage of food delivery people actually managed to raise prices on food exponentially. Orders fell by 300,000 in Seattle.

17) Non-farm productivity was virtually unchanged in the latest data. AI ain't helpin.

18) This single chart shows why any "energy transition" is as idiotic as a unicorn hunt.


19) Ukraine's birth rate plunges to a 300 year low. Folks, you realize that includes the brutal commie "Harvest of Sorrow" years.

20) Newly deciphered papyrus scrolls provide insight into Plato's last hours. Apparently he did not say, "Put it all on Lucky Lucy in the third a Pimlico."

21) South Koreans and Lithuanians have the highest suicide rates in the world.

22) I referred a couple of days ago to the ChiCom military spending. Now it is reported that it is triple what the ChiComs actually reported, at over $700 billion.


23) If you ever had any doubt that while the political and social winds swirl, we are in a spiritual battle above all, just look at Kanye West. Just four years after releasing his "Jesus is King" album and professing himself a Christian, Kanye has slipped back into pornography and is announcing "Yeezy Porn" and the unveiling of an adult film company. He had admitted years earlier to being a porn addict, and clearly this is the area where Satan can attack him. Both he and Britney Spears seem to be slipping into a chasm of self-destruction. Pray for them both.

24) Duane Eddy, "Peter Gunn" guitarist, dead at 86.

25) Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album was the best selling album of the 20th century.

26) And while we seek miracles for Kanye and Britney, how's this for a miracle? Disney announced it was going to put the first two seasons of "The Chosen" on the Disney/Hulu channel.


Rutabaga called Japan, a U.S. ally, "xenophobic." In his mind, he was probably thinking of when he watched a Japanese version of "Xenia: Warrior Princess". And some pudding. Don't forget the pudding.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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