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TODAY'S NEWS, May 21, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The defense rested after calling only one witness in the Porney Daniels case brought by Boast 'n' Bragg. President Trump did not take the stand---probably a good move. Nothing he could say would help, while there is always a danger under cross-examination the prosecution could get something negative. As things stand, a conviction is likely but not guaranteed. One thought is that the corrupt Judge Merchan was so hideous that he made sure of a conviction while leaving plenty of grounds to overturn on appeal. In that way he could go back to his constituents and say "I did my best." 2) New documents emerging from the raid on Mar-a-Lago show that the FascistBI were heavily armed and authorized to use deadly force. This increasingly looks less like a fishing expedition and more like an attempt (if Trump had been there) to provoke resistance that could have ended in death. You no longer know with these demonic spuds. Trump's team filed a motion to dismiss on both inadmissable documents and prosecutorial misconduct.

3) President Trump and the RNC raised $76 million in April, nearly one-third more than the Demented Pervert. Oh, and President Trump only spent $4 million on the hoax lawfare trials. Oh, and that brutal Harvard poll for the Demented Pervert? Almost 70% have already made up their minds. Over half think Rutabaga is a mental incompetent or "frequently" gets disoriented. (If by frequently, they mean, "hourly," yeah.) And just more from this fungal-brained chodelicker as Rutabaga called the Patriot Day J6ers "erectionists."

4) Trump slightly ahead of Rutabaga in NH. Meanwhile, as The Hill and Politico have both failed now New York Magazine is screaming its warning to Rutabaga that he now needs a "rust belt sweep" to win.

5) The Communist News Network (CNN) said Michael (the Rat) Cohen's testimony was a "bomb" dropped on the prosecution's case.

6) A clear sign of a non-functioning government: San Diego, unable to control homelessness, illegal criminal alien invaders, skyrocketing rents, drugs, or real crime, has cracked down on groups of people exercising outside in public spaces as a "health risk." 7) Whoever is pushing RFK, Jr. as "populist" or "conservative" apparently hasn't talked to him. He wants to give $5 billion in "reparations" to black farmers.

8) The Missouri AG---truly a great one---is investigating the Kansas City DemoKKKrat Mayor for doxxing kicker Harrison Butker.

9) In just his latest dementia moment, Rutabaga claimed a ,man held hostage by the Hamas Murder Pirates "is here with us today."

10) The Darwin Award winner this week is a teen rapper who killed himself on screen by pointing a loaded gun at his head. Well, bye.


11) There is an illegal criminal surge at the border as the invaders think President Trump will win.

12) New York senator Kirsten ("Gills") Gillibrand warns Rutabaga he can't reverse his illegal criminal invasion policies. This is exactly the part of Civil War #1 I've referred to in the DemoKKKrat Party. They OWN these invaders.


13) The International Criminal Court wants to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu. You and what army are gonna beat the IDF?


14) Planet Fitness's new CEO will have to deal with the issue of transoids in women's locker rooms. I can tell ya, Mrs LS wouldn't have stood for this for a second.


15) Ivan Boesky, who helped popularize "junk bonds" (which really weren't) died at age 87.

16) Rutabaga's tariffs on ChiCom EVs won't stop the "bloodbath," because a) many raw materials/manufacturing goods are still made in Chy-na and are exempt (steel) and b) the tariffs don't mention ChiCom EVs made in Mexico, which was precisely what President Trump warned about in his "bloodbacth" comment.

17) Kollyfornia ranks dead last in opportunity. Can't imagine why. The governor and legislature absolutely hate anyone who isn't a druggie, homeless, illegal or transoid.

18) Here is household net worth under Trump vs. Rutabaga in one chart. Any questions?


19) Microplastics have been found in every human testicle. Well, not EVERY one, as they haven't checked mine yet.

20) Great news, as the evil Klaus Schwab has been forced to "step back" from leadership of the WEF.

21) On a flight to Singapore, radical turbulence killed one passenger and injured others.

22) The shooter of Slovakia's Prime Minster may have had accomplices, as his social media account was erased by someone else.

23) Again, currently in many ways the U.S. is trailing the anti-globalist shift in ther rest of the world as the UK bans sex ed for kids under 10.


24) Actress Scarlett Johannsen has filed suit against an AI company for using a voice so similar to her own people can't tell the difference. Sam Altman of Open AI tried to hire her to produce the voice and she refused. This is the next phase of AI and we must all resist the theft of our voices, images, and very identities. Go Scarlett.

25) Disney had a $4 billion streaming loss and Gen Z hates Disney's shows. Gen Z spends its time on Netflix (59%) vs. Disney (5%) plus Hulu (4%). And speaking of Disney, the prices at the parks are outrageously high.

26) President Trump is about to get muy richer, as a movie depicted him specifically as raping a woman. Now he's suing.


28) A Florida man on the run from deputies was found in a clothes dryer, tumble ready. Did you say washing machine? Nothing beats this scene from "Uncle Buck."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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