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TODAY'S NEWS, May 22, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

PROGRAMMING NOTE: A reminder I will be out tomorrow and Friday while attending the Florida Parent Educators' Association convention in Kissimmee, Florida.


1) The evil fecal candle known as Rutabaga has seen his approval fall to a low of 36% in Reuters. Once in 2022 the Demented Pervert hit an all-time low of 29% in a single poll, but this has to be concerning for the White House handlers. Speaking of the Alzheimer's-ridden ball of scrotal fungus, Rutabaga sold off New England's strategic oil reserve to try to hold down gas prices this summer. 2) Model Amber Rose has endorsed President Trump.

3) Blood was sent to RNC headquarters causing it to shut down.

4) Three of Speaker Mike Johnson's top staffers have resigned. Maybe their backs were sore from bending over so much.

5) It was a mixed bag in Idaho's primary last night, as five conservatives and ten RINOs all lost. Apparently there was a throw-them-all-out mentality. Meanwhile MAGA wiped out three RINOs in Kentucky. A Republican won a D +70 county in GA that is nearly 70% black.

6) Meta and Google are leading a $1 billion lobbying effort to kill online child safety bills in New York. Reminder: "Meta" means "death" in Hebrew.

7) The Trump campaign became the first in history to accept crypto currencies as donations.

8) A secession movement in Oregon gained ground as 13 conservative counties passed ballot measures to join Idaho.

9) Ohio issued a warning to DemoKKKrats that Rutabaga will not be on the ballot unless they find a way to comply with Ohio election laws that a candidate must be nominated 90 days before the election to be on the ballot. Currently the DemoKKKrats are off by about two weeks.

10) Just as they can't seem to define a woman, now Illinois pols want to redefine criminal offenders as "justice-impacted individuals." Speaking of such "justice impacted individuals," Oakland had to take out street lights and replace traffice lights with signs dues to copper wire theft.


11) Daily marijuana use has outpaced daily drinking.


12) From David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, two new studies show the so-called "energy transition" is vastly more expensive than first claimed and is, if nations are honest, simply not possible. Once AI and other tech energy hogs are properly accounted for, current estimates are low by 19% or $34 trillion.

13) Speaking of alternative energy, it appears windmills weren't built for tornados, as an Iowa tornado shredded a wind farm.

14) In the great Rutabaga economy, people are now keeping their cars 12.5 years because of the cost of buyng a new one. By the way, you can gage how bad the "deadly force" Mar-a-Lago raid news was based on how many liberal skanktaters were out on social media today touting the great economy.

15) As AI tools get "smarter," they are getting more racist. How can that be? So when AI gets sentient it will be Bull Connor?

16) Nvidia stock jumped 4% after it beat earnings forecasts.

17) Fast food costs have soared under Rutabaga with a burrito at Taco Bell up 132% and a McChicken at McDonald's up 199%.Speaking of tacos, a judge may not know what a woman is, but apparently one knows what a taco is and said it is a "Mexican-style sandwich."


18) The UN held a moment of silence for the Iranian prez, who died in a helicopter crash. Who's next? A moment of silence for Jack the Ripper, Attila the Hun, or Hitler? Meanwhile,

19) Norway, Ireland and Spain are recognizing a "Palestinian State." Of the three, only Norway briefly resisted Hitler before Vidkun Quisling handed the country over to the Nazis. The track record of these nations is dismal. Remember, the measuring rod of the nations as far as God is concerned is not Ukraine, but how you treat Israel.

20) A pro-pedophile group in Germany has celebrated the decriminalization of possessing kiddie porn.

21) Chy-na has retaliated against Rutabaga's tariffs by launching an "anti-dumping" investigation into the U.S. and Japan. Seriously. The ChiComs, who are notorious for their underpriced dumped goods are investigating us.


22) A judge ruled in favor of Riley Keough that Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion will not be sold off.

23) Disney/Marvel is so desperate for a hit that they have resurrected Vision.


24) In England a married couple started making sex tapes to pay for their child's medical bills. What's the big deal? As comedian Steven Wright said, "My neighbors are making a sex tape. Course, they don't know it yet."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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