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TODAY'S NEWS, May 27, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Happy Memorial Day. I disagree with the great general George Patton who said “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” The Bible tells us there is a time to do both, including a time to mourn.


1) President Trump held a rumble in the Bronx that brought out reportedly 20,000 people---but the fine city of New Kabul would only let him have a permit for a park holding 3,500. They are actually starting to get a little concerned about New York. Meanwhile this Morning Consult swing state poll shows President Trump winning AZ, GA, WI, PA, NC, tied in NV, and trailing by one in MI. Trust me folks, if President Trump carries OH, WI, and PA, he will carry MI. And I'd make a big deal out of this except it's Harry Enten, who is dumber than a box of Occasional Cortexes: he has just now figgered out that Rutabaga is losing large numbers of blacks and Hispanics. And on cue, James Carville went nuts again: "And talk about cost of living, and we’re going to help deal with this. Don’t talk about fu**ing Gaza and student loans. That is so out.” Yes, Jimmy it is. And yes, you're speaking to a wall called Rutabaga who thinks more student loan "forgiveness" is the magic ticket.

2) Not making this up. Rutabaga's campaign has hired a "meme manager" to help the campaign online. This is akin to hiring a "hip adviser" to make you seem cooler. If ya gotta do that, you ain't. But hey, at least he has the Muslims motivated. Unfortunately, it's in an "abandon Biden" movement.

3) The Supes ruled in favor of South Carolina's gerrymandered legislative map, upholding the right of the legislature, not judges, to determine voting districts.

4) Another major donor, Stephen Swartzman of Blackstone Equity (note: not Black Rock), has endorsed Trump and started writing checks.

5) This is how insane the Rutabaga's campaign is. They are targeting Texas, where Trump leads by 11 in the latest poll. Let that sink in: Trump is closer to winning NY than Rutabaga is to winning TX, FL, or OH. And Trump leads in voter enthusiasm over Rutabaga, too.

6) Back in New Kabul, the voluptuously corrupt Judge Merchan instructed jurors that the jurors didn't need to believe a crime had been committed in order to convict Trump of hiding a crime he never committed.

7) Evil moron-ism has become epidemic once Rutabaga started spreading it. Now a park supervisor in Alaska told a construction crew to remove the U.S. flag from their equipment as it "detracted" from the "park experience." I think I could come up with a pretty cool "park experience" for this pus-ingesting Karen. It would involve live grizzlies, no shoes, and no radio.

8) Remember how all the slitherlizards in the Hoax News media kept saying the economy was so wonderful? A majority of Americans say they can't afford a summer vacation and 73% say it's due to lack of cash in Rutabaga's America.

9) As with everything the Demented Pervert touches, Rutabaga's plan to "electrify" military vehicles will weaken and undermine the military.

10) The corrupt and multilyl-indicted New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is gathering signatures for an independent run. Why not? They let Rutabaga stay.

11) They really are trying to foist this lie on the public that "violent crime is down." Now the New York Slimes says "Even as violent crime drops, lawlessness rises as an election issue." We've been over this before. CRIME isn't down, but REPORTING and DOCUMENTATION of violent crime is down because of the mass resignations of police in major cities, of the "de-criminalization" of many crimes, and because there is simply no willingness on the part of the elected thugs who run the cities to protect citizens. Meanwhile, in peaceful and bucolic Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) over the weekend there were 25 shootings and five fatalities as violent crime there is obviously falling.

12) Speaking of falling, the failed candidate Cankles is still whining about her 2016 loss and said that women voters abandoned her for not being "perfect." Well, no, Cankles. The ones I know abandoned you for being . . .Cankles. Mrs LS baked this special cake on election night 2016.

13) After lying when he said he had once been appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy, Rutabaga was irate that West Pointers didn't show him any love.

14) A good analysis here: the left is a shark that dies if it stops destroying. I have shown in my books that communism, not capitalism, fit Lenin's "Imperialism" model, namely that to survive capitalism had to take over new territories. Nope. That's communism.

15) The Intellectual Glugbuckets are desperately trying to act like MAGA is somehow their idea and is part of a "broader" coalition of "new centrism." No, little toenail fungii, it's not. There is no lefitst "centrism." There are only tyrants, fascists, and racists. Still, this shows you the power of MAGA that they feel compelled to try to now embrace it. Leftoid Matthew Yglesias argues that a "secret congress" has been very effective. Well, only if you view passing laws as effective. I see a "secret congress"---back room deals they can't get through a voice vote---as the epitome of tyranny and something to be prohibited.

17) Robert Barnes: "Who knew when Trump told [the Libertarian Party] they could always pick a loser instead, that they would look around & pick the biggest loser they could, and nominate "trans the teens, open borders, pro-employer vaccine & mask mandate"


Over 100 ChiComs crossed the border at San Diego in one day, with oer 30,000 already having infiltrated. Gee, you don't suppose any of those fine fellows had anything to do with the fact that the Navy's Fleet Forces commander said that we are seeing more attempts by foreign nationals to penetrate bases.

An insider leaked new evidence exposing the CIA's secret effort to seize control of social media. This agency needs to be up rooted, scattered to the winds, and never replaced.


In Seattle, 30 anti-semitic staffers walked at a museum walked out when it presented an exhibit on antisemitism.

My favorite lib, Noah Smith, has two great points in his column about 'five interesting things," and they are related. The first is a resurgence of fake science: Alzheimer's research, cancer research, and room-temperature superconductor research. The number of retractions are growing and phony research is actually halting the publication of some academic journals. The other concerning issue is the rise of "desire modification" including deep brain simulation to relieve anxiety and weight-loss drugs that modify human desires. Getting help when you need it is one thing, but relying on drugs or chips to modify your internal programming so you son't have to exercise discipline is another.


In Kollyfornia, the "tax-per-mile" conspiracy theory has become a reality. THEY DON"T WANT YOU TO DRIVE FOLKS. EVs were just the gateway drug to destruction of freedom. Course, it doesn't help that the EV makers themselves are collapsing. Now Lucid becomes the latest EV maker to announce layoffs.

The Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttplugs, says he just doesn't know why Rutabaga only buit seven charging stations for EVs. Then he abruptly excused himself to go breast feed his baby with a plastic device so he could pretend a man can breastfeed.

Fascinating read by David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of Energy, who describes the 4-part cycle of the EV collapse: 1) This phase involved pure rent seeking and subsidy baths. Rutabagta, Zero, and the Euros were all too happy to play along. 2) The second phase saw EV dealers refusing to take delivery of new cars, due to both the ChiComs flooding the market with vastly cheaper versions and to consumers rejecting these monstrosities. 3) Then came a strategic shift by domestic and Euro automakers to re-introduce gas-hybrids (such as Stellantis/Fiat has just done). Finally, 4) This is inevitable: the Western carmakers will abandon many EV models entirely, perhaps, like Ford, ditching entire unprofitable divisions. Good. The sooner these power guzzlers are off the market the better. And, as if to top it off, EVs are twice as likely to hit pedestrians as gas vehicles.

Cracker Barrel Restaurants' CEO says the eatery just "isn't as relevant" as it was and that they haven't changed recipes and processes in decades. Dunno, I kinda thought that was the appeal.


Two men were arrested in an alleged money laundering scheme linking ChiCom entities and Mexican drug cartels . . . and Hunter Biteme wasn't one of them!

If this wasn't so pathetic it would be funny, as Rutabaga's "aid pier" to Gaza came un-moored and drifted onto an Israeli beach. They were sorta lucky. If it had gone onto a Hamas beach, it would have been like one of the Wal-Mart stores with the looters.

What foreign countries are the most involved in religious organizations? Out of the top 12, 10 are in Africa (top three are Kenya, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, or 2 Christian, one Muslim). The U.S. comes in at #14.

And what would you expect? Rutabaga's administration is urging allies NOT to confront Iran on its nuke program.

Mexico City is nearly out of water.

A Swedish study found that tattoos increase your risk of cancer by over 20%.


Richard Sherman, the award-winning songwriter for "Mary Poppins," dead at age 85.

South Park took aim at Lizzo. Dare I say it? How could they miss?

And here we are, as a crowd at Beverly, Massachusetts booed Oscar winning actor Richard Dreyfus a year after he said that the Academy's DEI rules made him "want to vomit."

Hollywood's latest box office disaster, "Furiosa," is leading the slowest Memorial Day box office in decades. This is a well reviewed movie with the same audience and critic scores. I am told it is pretty good, but not interested. Done with the girl bosses after "Lucy," "Captain Marvel," "Anna," "Aria," and most of all the endless remakes of male characters as females. Was also told it was 40 minutes too long---a modern Hollywood plague. "Furiosa" only pulled in $31 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, on a budget of $168 million (plus at least $100 million in marketing). So "Furiousa" is down over $150 million so far. On the other hand, "Garfield," a cartoon, at $98 million vs. maybe $75 million production and marketing may make a few dollars.

Tourists were fleeing after a mob of 15,000 protested tourism in Majorca.



Seeing as it's Memorial Day, we should recognize the incredible Owen Baggett, a B-24 Liberator co-pilot who shot down a Japanese Zero with his Colt .45 while hanging from his parachute after he bailed out! Mighty fine shootin' there, Owen.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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