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TODAY'S NEWS, May 28, 2024

Updated: May 28

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) As I warned last week with the news of the Hamas Murder Pirate/Pale Protesters camping out on the lawn of a U of Michigan Regent: they aren't going to stop. They can't. They are fascists.

2) President Trump got a hero's welcome at a NASCAR race in North Carolina. Meanwhile---and I keep sayin' it and sayin' it---yet another DemoKKKrat "insider" told Politico that Rutabagta would lose. Politico's headline says it all: "Dems in full blown 'Freakout' over Biden." Politico admits all the DemoKKKrats have is abortion. Here is the problem with abortion as an issue. It becomes once- to even twice- removed with men who support (because it gives them sex without consequences) and middle-aged women who are non-reproductive. What is NOT once removed are the economic issues of inflation, prices, and rents. Then you have this poll that shows voters with "low levels of trust in government" (which at this point should be everyone) support President Trump. I'm sure the lawfare and witch hunts by Rutabaga are really shoring up that weakness. Then there is this story that lays to rest the notion that Ohio will keep Rutabaga off the ballot---the DemoKKKrats will nominate him "virtually" before the convention meaning that there will be no "switcheroo" at the convention.

3) Well, maybe the House Republicans are doing something: they are forcing key votes on incendiary issues such as inflation and illegal immigration.

4) The Libertarians said "Nyet" to having Bobby Kennedy as their nominee. Bubbay only got 2%.

5) Oh, sure that explains the "use of deadly force" directive at Mar-a-Lago as there were "kitchen utensils" and fitness gear there. I'm sure those rough, tough FBIies were worried about being assaulted by a soup spoon.

6) Panicked Politico fuming that Florida's new support for charter and private schools and homeschooling may end public cess-schools. Let's hope so. I just returned from the Florida homeschool conference. Wow. I had numerous 7th-9th graders come up and say, "I just read your book!" (947 pp, no pictures).

7) Judge Aileen Kennedy denied Count Dooku (Jack Smith) his request for a gag order on President Trump. Dooku loses again.

8) An associate of James Biden pled guilty to $51 in Medicare fraud. Yet that's nothing compared to what his brother, the installed demonic pervert of an Oval Office occupant did when he received secure briefings via his personal email under a pseudonym. Shades of Cankles and Pierre Dilecto!


9) Massive waves of illegal criminals are straining public schools. Oh? Who would have thought that millions of kids who don't speak English and have no concept of what it means to be an American are actually a problem?

10) Even the New York Slimes admits that illegal criminal alien hotels are making visiting New Kabul more expensive than ever.


11) Gruesome weakened Kolllyfornia's pedo laws, and now they are advertising on flyers outside of school yards.


12) Safeway stores in Groomer City (SF) have removed some self-checkout kiosks after crime wave (that libs say doesn't exist).

13) The Supes have set up a Groomer City vs. the Feds battle over water standards. Hard to figure who is the good guy in this one.

14) Mortgage rates have risen 157% under Rutabaga.

16) David Blackmon, the Rush Limbaugh of energy, explains the fantastical copper consumption of EVs (about double that on a Honda Accord, ro example). We're gonna need a bigger (copper) boat.


17) A female Jewish Berkeley grad named Sheinbaum is going to be the next president of . . . Me-hee-co?

18) Tensions between Egypt and Israel are rising cuz Egypt don' want no Muslim "refugees" from Gaza. Egypt b down for the struggle, but not that down.

19) The WHO (not the Who) pandemic treaty fizzled out.

20) A Chinese woman was jailed in the UK for her role in a $6.4 billion ChiCom bitcoin money laundering op.

22) It looks now like initial reports that the Gaza aid pier had been grounded on an Israeli beach---were wrong. It's sinking.


24) George Lucas has confirmed he ain't coming back for any attempt to save "Star Wars." He has been all over the map, criticizing some of Disney's post-Lucas work, and then defending the Disney board.

25) Bill Walton, the free spirit center of the NBA Champion Portland Trailblazers, dead at age 71. You have to imagine he got the vax. That Portland team was the most efficient basketball machine, with near-perfect interchangeable parts, I have ever seen, exceeding even the Frazier/Reed/Bradley Knicks.


26) Well, that pretty much sums it up. Japan's top oncologist says the China Virus vaxxes are "essentially murder."

27) Remember "Trust the science?" Yah, that same science that saw 11,000 (!!!) peer-reviewed papers retracted.

28) And here we go with a new round of studies finally able to track the China Virus vaxxes, and this one found "excessive mortality" from heart issues due to the vax in King County, Washington.

29) Maybe we ought to ask Google AI about the vaxxes. Oh, nevermind. It said 11,000 Americans were killed by the vax.


30) Brits heading to Spain for vacay face hordes of cockroaches. What? They can't read "" like anyone else?

Larry Schweikart

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