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TODAY'S NEWS, May 29, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


NOTE: As I went to record there had been no verdict in the Trump case.

1) A new round of Cook Swing State polling shows President Trump leading in every swing state except Wisconsin, where he is tied, while this Roanoke Poll has Trump tied with Rutabaga in Virginia. Just another reason why the DemoKKKrats have buyer's remorse, as now 54% want someone other than Rutabaga. There is no one else. That's your demented pervert. But this top DemoKKKrat in Michigan says "no mas" and won't back Rutabaga.

2) This former Supe law clerk argues that President Trump can go staight to the Supreme Court with a "common law writ" if convicted by Boast 'n' Bragg.

3) There are concerns that the new Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carriers are too expensive and too susceptible to new anti-sea-access weapons such as cruise missiles and drones. That indeed can be a big problem. However, if I am correct about where they Navy is headed---once you weed out all the transoid officers and woke stupidity---the carriers are not a "first strike" weapon but a follow-on after massive swarms of drones and cruises take out ChiCom launch sites. We'll see. In 1984, with absolutely no secret clearance or access to anything other than public documents, Doug Dalgleish and I published a history of the Trident program, and almost precisely predicted various future hull uses and operational characteristics.

4) A DemoKKKrat DA in Kollyfornia is holding a press conference to announce her "Asian name."

5) In Texas Speaker Dade (Dead) Phelan managed to hold onto his seat in the primary, but 15 incumbents lost, giving Governor Greg Abbott his "school voucher" majority. Some 17% of the establishment was replaced! BTW, Phelan survived because Texas has an open primary system.

6) All three liberal Supes, in a surprise move, recused from a suit over election fraud. Course, they were the ones being sued.

7) Speaking of corruption, in Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) $13 million in subsidies were given to build six "Save-a-Lot" grocery stores in "food deserts." After more than a year, not a single one is open. Gee, wonder what happened to that cheddar? Maybe 10% went to the "Big Guy."


8) Ok, realize what this is: "Harvard to stop weighing in on public matters." This is Harvard desperately trying to re-take its position from the 1990s as an actual academic institution devoid of ESG/DEI/SPOOGE. They will find it impossible as the radical faculties that have infested these institutions cannot and will not be purged. And remember most of the administrators share their views.

9) Excellent: Florida public schools are closing down as school choice takes off. (Broward may close over 40 schools!)


10) The latest in ESG stupidity as greentoid investors attack the Exxon board for delivering exceptional financial results. This stupidity is, of course, echoed in the White House where an advisor said that while the U.S. is the leading gas and oil producer in the world, "We don't want that to continue forever."

11) The ConocoPhillips/Marathon oil merger has just created another shale giant.

12) Bidenflation continues to destroy American home ownership, as now mortgage purchase demand is down 40% from President Trump.


14) The evil Canadian gubment of Justa Turd-o is still withholding over $5 million in donations to the trucker freedom convoy from two years ago.

15) Yesterday I had a story about a protest against tourists in Majorca. Now, open war has broken out between natives and Algerian immigrants.

16) Every single French surrender joke ever made now is given life, as three French drag queens carry the Olympic torch.

17) Thirty years after Nelson Mandela, his party, the ANC, faces a loss of power and is allying with outright Marxists after looting the country. Handing it over to the black majority did nothing to fix South Africa's problems. Today, it's Capetown (relatively healthy) vs. Johannesburg and Pretoria (hellholes).

18) Sweden, which seems to be neutral against Nazis and Commies, managed to send over $1 billion to the Ukes to fight the Russkies.

19) Looks like Rocket Man has solved North Korea's garbage problems. He just flies trash over to the South via balloons. I wonder if I could do that in Phoenix?

20) Here is a good example of why I say "China is never as strong as she looks, and China is never as weak as she looks." Headlines from both sides of the street.


21) Doug Ingle, lead singer for Iron Butterfly and writer of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", died at age 78. Liked that band. Here is my Iron Butterfly story: In 2010 when we made our documentary "Rockin' the Wall," we interviewed George "Shadow" Morton, a legendary producer of Janis Ian, Vanilla Fudge, and . . . Iron Butterfly. He was producing them the day they recorded that song and said that they were so tight nothing they did worked. They just couldn't play, even after liquor and pharmaceuticals. So Shadow told them to rehearse the song, that something was broken in the board. He secretly gave the "roll tape" sign to the engineer. Iron Butterfly was good! In fact, when they came to the solos, Morton kept giving them signs that they were still working on the problem, and to keep playing . . . hence, the loooooong iconic drum solo. When they finished, they said, "We're ready now." He said, "We got it. Next song!"


22) A passenger ran naked down the aisles of Virgin Australia. And who says the airlines don't offer free entertainment.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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