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TODAY'S NEWS, May 3, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Wait, so Fat Fani Willis may not have even had proper jurisdiction to bring the Fulton County case? This could be really fun. Hope the "Fulton 19" and President Trump sue her into perpetual poverty.

2) In the Mar-a-Lago docs case, Judge Cannon sorta gave Count Dooku (Jack Smith) a bone by allowing "extensive redactions" in some of the documents. In reality, though, this is yet another setback for Dooku, as that redacting will take MUCH more time that he doesn't have. Cannon effectively pushed this "trial" to 2025.

3) We already have the Department of INJustice indicting DemoKKKrat Bob Menendez. Now DoINJ will indict DemoKKKrat Henry Cuellar. Hmm. Is this a case of reading tea leaves and trying to protect all the lesser spoogies in the DOINJ? Meanwhile in Seattle, this city councilman was charged with strangling to death a stripper. Such fine people in the party of slavery and baby-killing.

4) Rutabaga broke his silence on campus chaos, saying "Violent protest is not protected," unless of course you are Black Looters Matter or fascist so-called antifa. But this is irrelevant, whatever Rutabaga says. He cannot win the Civil War #1. This Wall Street Journal article merely confirms what I wrote here a week ago, namely the Hamas Murder Pirates are merely building on the tactics of Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin.. Rutgers, which has conceded to "8 of 10" demands, just doesn't get that even if Rutgers met 10/10, it wouldn't matter.

5) So it doesn't matter either if the "young DemoKKKrats" call on Rutabaga to "change course." He doesn't know what course he is even on. The DemoKKKrats are feeling this heat, BIG TIME. Thus SpewMore caved and will now invite Bibi to address Congress.

6) When you've lost CNN, the Communist News Network, . . . A CNN panel shredded Boast 'n' Bragg's case in NY against President Trump.

7) Even Rutabaga's supporters see the electoral math problem. Won't matter aws President Trump will win the popular vote too.

8) Ok, so this is Rasmussen. I have discussed how every cycle, a different pollster rises and falls. Ras this cycle seems to be way too high for President Trump. Nevertheless, Ras now has President Trump leading the Demented Pervert by 10. If this is even off 2, you're now moving the EC into the 360 vote range. My point has been all along, it ain't stoppin' cuz Rutabaga is JUST. THAT. BAD. Even CNN says virtually every issue except abortion is in President Trump's favor. However, this national poll shows Rutabaga cratering with Catholics. Send in the Pope!

9) DARPA has been testing the "Manta". No, not the dude from "Aquaman," but a new "non-screwed" whatever that means underwater vehicle (we used to call them submarines). 10) So now the phrase "training wheels" is "racist."

11) Alabama allowed a one-time fix to put Rutabaga on the ballot despite state law. Do you think ANY blue state would allow President Trump on the ballot in a similar situation?


12) Rutabaga is bringing in a new border quarterback to do the job the impeached Mayorkas won't do.

13) Tennessee signed a "model" school protection reform bill allowing some staff and teachers to pack heat.

14) Is Illinois the most dysfunctional state in the Union?


15) I know this is the "Babylon Bee," but this is so accurate: "Missionaries travel from Africa to bring the Gospel to the United Methodist Church."


16) A W VA judge reversed the ban on five high school girls who were prohibited from competing because they refused to take the field with a man competing against them in track and field.


17) This company had the terrific idea (as David Blackmon notes, sort of like Billy Blaze, the "idea man" in the great movie "Night Shift") to create "carbon eating bacteria for steel mills and refineries, you know, to "reduce carbon emissions." And if those get loose? You know, does it eat forests? These people must train for stupid, hard.

18) Some 15 restaurant chains are closing multiple stores, including Chili's, Cracker Barrel, Denny's, and Mod Pizza, some of my favorites. The article blames a one-time Covid hit. But much is the result of the national impact of Kollyfornia minimum wage increases.

19)The "intermittency" (i.e., unreliability) of wind and solar are greater than first thought, say experts.

20) The Labor Department posted another dismal jobs report---but remember it has revised downward nearly EVERY report in the Biden regime. And Janet Screamin' and Yellin admitted it's nearly impossible for first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market. And that's by design, Screamin'.

21) Wait times at StarBurqua are starting to hurt the company. Likewise other fast food restaurants see sales slip after prices rise due to minimum wage hikes.


22) The ship may be sailing on stadiums built with taxpayer money.


23) Mark Zuckerberg said the Rutabaga White House "put pressure on us" to bury the Wuhan lab leak theory.

24) The chodemissiles at the Rutabaga administration refused to answer questions about the efficacy of the China Virus vax.


25) I guess this does prove there are doggies in heaven, as this dog won't eat until his owner takes his paw and says grace. Sorta like the dyslexic who prayed "Dog is Doog."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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