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TODAY'S NEWS, May 30, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump's New York trial saw the jury adjourn for the evening after requesting specifics on the David Pecker (Enquirer) phone call. Usually such a request indicates that you have some not willing to go along with a guilty verdict, at least until they have had another take on the evidence. President Trump's team seemed pleased; Boast 'n' Bragg's team, not so much. Meanwhile a Communist News Network (CNN) analyst fumed as legal chodesprocket Harry Enten explained that nothing about the trial is affecting President Trump's popularity.

2) One person and one interview does not a movement make, but the language here is what I have been pushing for a long time---to call the DemoKKKrats out as the racists they really are and the terrorist organization they really are. This woman correctly calls Rutbaga "Jim Crow Joe." This sentiment seems reflected more broadly, as this poll found 73% of Americans thought the country was "out of control" or "on the wrong track." In the latest Marist poll, President Trump's lead among independents is now 16, his largest ever. And it looks like billionaires are warming to President Trump. Why would that be? Rutabaga has only destroyed wealth in this country. Who can't love that?

3) I don't like to do this, but I can only subscribe to so many substacks. Mark Halperin, a leftoid, has a column today that someone sent me. It is particularly worthwhile because he is leaning as far as he can toward Rutabaga, but still comes up short, even in his own mind. Specifically he addresses Rutabaga's mental decline. Here is the substack link. Halperin begins by saying "Among elected Democrats, donors, and Clinton and Obama alum strategists, the second order concern is that neither Biden nor his campaign seems to have a game-changing new strategy or set of tactics, backed by a realistic theory of the case, to mount a comeback, the De Niro debacle adding to the fraught fretting". Then comes the killer line: "well-place sources see a recent physical and mental decline in Joe Biden that frightens them." Now hold it right there. How much worse is the Demented Pervert than he was four years ago? Not much that I can tell. He was always a pants-filled, pudding-eating, fascist swastika-thumping tyrant with a brain made of Swiss cheese. But here come the important parts: "And any notion of Biden being replaced on the ticket would require his active involvement; there is no cabal that can, as in the Republican fantasy, “replace him” against his will." Finally, I wanted you to hear this from a DemoKKKrat cuz I been sayin' it for a long time: "Any plan to ease Biden out with his agreement would likely involve the intense involvement of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and the creation of a pre-fab, pre-convention ticket with their backing, a massive undertaking with a 10 out of 10 degree of difficulty and also entailing massive risk, with the convention delegates, the public, the racial politics of the party, and the challenges of standing up a presidential campaign from a standing start." Or in a nutshell, they are stuck with Rutabaga and are just now only beginning to recognize it.

4) Air Force Academy grads are opting for the "dive in five" as the second highest (behind pilot) program option, meaning the least amount of time in the service they can possibly put in---all due to the DEI garbage at the Academy.

5) The NRA won its Supreme Court case against the state of New York by a unanimous decision---more of a First Amendment as opposed to Second Amendment case.

6) A Kentucky student was denied his diploma after going off-script to praise the Name of Jesus in his remarks.

7) Idaho's Attorney General joined 18 other AGs in a lawsuit against Kollyfornia, New York, and three other states for trying to "dictate energy policy" through their own litigation against power companies.

8) Odd. A custom-made Rolls Royce with UAE license plates was spotted at a Hamas Murder Pirates protest.


9) The latest in Rutabaga's denial of reality as the Department of Labor will call women "menstruators" so as not to offend transoids. Which it will. And what about after menopause after real women are no longer "menstruators?" See how sick and stupid this is?


10) Well, there you go again." Last quarter's "growth" rates were revised downward again to just 1.3%, a level worthy of Peru or Pakistan. Meanwhile, pending home sales plunged to record lows in April.

11) In its latest effort to spend its way out of decline, Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) will spend millions of dollars in subsidies to try to fix an over-25% vacancy rate downtown.

12) This Costco shopper was mis-charged 17 times for a single large purchase that left her with a $5000 bill. I know Bidenomics is bad, but . . . .


13) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now is more popular than his opponent for the first time in year.

14) Majorca is having real problems. Now there was a Brit beach brawl over people throwing garbage in the water.

15) Kate Middleton still struggling with cancer and will miss the famous "trouping of the color" event in June. Prayers.

16) Japan's lawmakers want the gubment there to guard against the security risks of UFOs.


17) The House Coronavirus panel opened hearings on the NIH conspiracy to evade FOIA requests on the origins of the China Virus.


18) I don't like to take other people's humor but this one is too good from the Babylon Bee: "Kangaroos ask people to stop unfairly comparing them to the U.S. justice system."

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