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TODAY'S NEWS, May 6, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) In what as probably the biggest news of the weekend, Count Dooku (Jack Smith) and his criminal thugs admitted to manipulating and changing evidence in the docs case---you know, the one where the gubment was afraid President Trump might illegally use classified documents (which he had a right to)? When President Trump learned of this, he said (correctly) that Smith should "be in jail."

2) Oh, and how about the immunity case? This lib (as do ALL the others) said Trump's team had a really good day before the Supes. In the Boast 'n' Bragg trial in New Kabul (NY), a key witness refuted the prosecution's claim about "hush money," while Hope Hicks said flat out that Michael Cohen, Trump's then-attorney, could "go rogue," meaning Trump didn't know what Cohen did. This case is falling apart faster than the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.

3) Remember all those "Trump is running out of campaign money" stories? Yeah, me too. Good times. President Trump hauled in over $76 million last weekend alone. And I haven't even written my matching check yet.

4) A whistleblower said senior US military leaders planned to circumvent President Trump's authority on January 6 (Patriot Day). Every one of these smoketoads ought to be tried for treason.

5) As they should: DemoKKKrats are bracing for 1968-style protests in Benghazi-by-the-Lake (Chicago) for their July convention. Big difference. There ain't no Mayor "Billyclub" Daley to battle the protesters.

6) In an absolute travesty, Rutabaga dished out a Medal of Freedom to Botoxic, easily the most reprehensible, vile, and anti-American Speaker of the House in history.

7) You know how supposedly we are doing all the green crap "for the environment?" Rutabaga is slashing environmental regs for so-called "green energy." Saving the planet is irrelevant if you don't save it Rutabaga's way.

8) This is a feel-good story, as a Louisiana nine-year-old gave his only dollar to a man he thought was homeless. Only he was a millionaire who had grabbed some clothes off a rack to exit a building thought to be on fire and was praying. The millionaire took the boy to breakfast and gave him a free shopping spree in his store. But this story is up there for "feels": the company "Hims & Hers" lost $210 million in stock value after the CEO said he wanted to hire pro-Hamas murder pirate protesters.

9) New Florida resident Jeff Bezos pumped $60 million into lab-grown meat. Gov. DeSantis just banned it. I love it when libs burn money.

10) More names were discovered in a second "little black book" from Jeffrey (He-didn't-kill-himself) Epstein, including Martin Perez and Morgan Fairchild.

11) A trial starts in North Carolina over whether a photo ID can be required to vote.


12) A large anti-illegal criminal alien invasion rally was held in Boston where Rutabaga appeared.

13) Florida passed a law requiring hospitals to state how much they are spending on illegal criminal aliens: $566 million. In other words, Florida taxpayers paid $566 million for these illegal chodebuckets.


14) File under mentally deranged chodewarblers: A "furry" convention descended into an orgy of sex, violence and destruction. Really? I mean, who woulda guessed that a bunch of clinically insane lunatics who think they are hyenas or duck-billed platypusses would go nuts and become violent when gathered together? Meanwhile, Columbia University canceled its graduation ceremonies due to the Hamas Murder Pirate protesters. This is the future of higher ed. It will sink into molasses as campuses must be closed due to the perpetual ongoing violence.

15) Banned from admitting based on race, the University of Kollyfornia will now use quotas based on parental income and education. As in, if you don't have much money or have a bad education, you're in.

16) In my substack of two weeks ago I warned what their goal was: not anything to do with universities, but the extermination of Israel first, then of all Jews worldwide, then of all whites. Now they said it out loud. Others are now seeing this.

17) Ryan Burge points out that the atheist/agnostic share of the GOP has remained at about 5% since 2008, but the DemoKKKrat share almost doubled.


18) Republicans in 15 states sued Rutabaga for Title IX violations. As I said, Title IX wll end up before the Supes. I know they don't want to have to rule on the obvious question---"what is a woman"---but they won't have a choice. Meanwhile Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders will ignore Rutabaga's Title IX rule.

19) How Pope Francis opened the Vatican to transoid sex workers.


20) Oops. Battery storage is nearly 150% more costly than liquified natural gas storage. Just the latest in the collapsing electric house of cards.

21) Boeing is becoming the Disney of the air, with 10 new whistleblowers coming forward. Bill Boeing and Walt Disney could get these companies back on track in a year.

22) Citi's Economic Surprise Index crashed to the lowest since January 2023. Ain't gwine be no recovery under Rutabaga.

23) Rutabaga's new tax plan supposedly only targeting the rich will hit a family of 4 with $1,600 additional taxes.


24) From Scotland to New Zealand, woke authoritarians are getting the boot. Two exceptions: Russia and China, where Pootie-poot and Xi are not woke at all.

25) Right after a Green Party candidate was elected in Leeds, he shouted "Allahu Ackbar," which in case you didn't know it meant "U B Screwed."

26) A UN relief agency says Gaza is in a "full blown famine." Easy solution: hand over all Hamas murder pirates and free all hostages. Otherwise, you ARE Hamas.

27) Ukraine is prepping for a battlefield defeat. Gee, this was only obvious a year ago.

28) A storm destroyed the world's largest floating solar panel farm. So now they'll take boats powered by gasoline to fix it. And speaking of the Climate Cult, they are freaking out in Europe as people who have to have heat and food actually react to the shortages by electing like-minded politicians. They, of course, are labeled "right wing" or "far right."

29) China remains the world's biggest jailer of journalists.

30) David Blackmon notes that the coming EV crash suddenly reached the Hoax News mainstream media, as the Sunday Times and the Financial Times.

31) Here is a list of the top 60 places to live in London. Imagine my surprise when Phoenix wasn't one.

33) How, dear Lord, will we survive? There is a pickle shortage in Me-hee-co.


34) I truly feel sorry for this woman, but this is what happens with mental illness: Britney Spears' latest boyfriend is a felon.

35) Stores are beginning to phase out physical movies/DVDs. Only digital will be left. So if you want to own copies of your own, get 'em now.

36) The first black president at the All Bill Clinton (ABC) network resigned after saying black people don't watch the news. But she also said that the network had overcompensated for diversity, which is correct. This is a big blow for Bob Iger who had backed her.

37) Netflix's adaptation of "A Man in Full," Tom Wolfe's great novel about Atlanta, diverged drastically from the book. Still entertaining, Jeff Daniels makes Charlie Croker a figure to hate, but redeems him (perhaps too quickly). Netflix dropped the other main story line of a star black football player accused of rape.


38) King County (Seattle), Washington reported an 18.5% uptick in ticker problems after the vax. I'm bewildered. What could possibly cause more heart issues?

39) Communist News Network (CNN) host Chris Cuomo admits he had a China Virus vax injury.


40) A San Diego school district teacher was fired because she threatened students whom she thought didn't clap loud enough for her daughter at a sports banquet. If you ever watched the great Richard Lester's "The Three Musketeers" you might remember the scene where the king of France was to be riding through crowds and his advance men were passing out little royal flags to the people who, with soldiers behind them, were incentivized to clap.

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