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TODAY'S NEWS, May 7, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) President Trump is virtually daring NY Judge Merchan in the Boast 'n' Bragg case to put him in jail for tweeting or, more appropriately, Truthing. Meanwhile, Porny Daniels takes the stand today. And in the Mar-a-Lago docs case, Judge Cannon delayed matters again after Count Dooku (Jack Smith) admitted to falsifying evidence.

2) Signal, the encrypted messaging program that is used by Edward Snowden and most dissenters worldwide, now has Katherine Maher on its board, She was just named CEO of National Propaganda (Public) Radio. That cannot be good.

3) "They're torturing us": A Patriot Day (J6) prisoner has been held 1,200 days without a trial. Both the prosecutor and the judge should be criminally AND civilly liable.

4) More on the Navy's new "Manta" sub that uses "gliding tech" to stay on station for much longer times with a new payload of unspecified types. I'm guessing this is a drone launcher.

5) The Milwaukee elections chief was removed, two months after her deputy was convicted of fraud and obtaining fake absentee ballots. Sounds like a win to me.

6) "Election Worker Turnover at Record Highs Ahead of the 2024 Vote." Thank you Lara Trump! It looks like a lot of cheating DemoKKKrat electoral officials are getting out while the getting is good and their sheer disappointment/discouragement with the Rutabaga Administration is now weighing on them.

7) I'm sure this will be blamed on "climate change,' as Kollyfornia groundwater rose for the first time in four years.

8) So, to continue my harangue on why the universities will sink into molasses---because they are not internally inclined to stop protests---look at how Columbia folded, but how the Met simply called in hoards of cops. Some 55 years after the Gipper, President Ronald Reagan (as governor) took on and defeated protesters in Kollyfornia, Gruesome stands in the background. And this from the Los Angeles Slimes. Meanwhile, at UNC, the school is under fire as several profs threaten to withhold grades in solidarity with the Hamas Murder Pirates. To quote the Evil Emperor, "Gooooooood." Bring down the universities, sooner rather than later.


9) Why do the world's most beautiful women think they have to be naked to get noticed? Apparently the Met gala descended into a T&A orgy. I've always thought that one of the most alluring things about Emily Blunt is that she can wear ANY clothes and look great.


10) The Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to "Scouting America" after accepting homosexuals and transoids.


11) Jennifer Sey reviews the stock collapse of "Hims & Hers," and challenges the notion that we need more drugs. The idea that every CEO has to proclaim his world view to the public needs to go away.

12) Already the commercial real estate market was crashing. Now add to this the multi-family commercial real estate market. And naturally, Rutabaga's evil scrotummunchers are trying to spin this into a good thing because of "less energy" used.


13) My favorite lib, Noah Smith, notes that contrary to what Rutabaga said, Japan is not a xenophobic country. Japan has about 2.6% foreign residents, compared to the world average of 3.5%.

14) Ronald Stein provides staggering numbers about American dependence on the ChiComs, the Congo, and Latin America if it persists in this idiotic "Green Energy" garbage.

15) Wish I could put this woman in a blender. She filmed and circulated videos of people putting poor little monkeys inside blenders, had them beaten, burned with acid, and other tortures. Why doesn't Hamas ever seem to get these evil scrotumrags?

16) The murder pirates at Hamas say 33 of the hostages to be released in the first phase of a truce deal "may not still be alive." They're dead, Jim.

18) To great gnashing of teeth by western libtoids, Pootie-poot was sworn in for a fifth term as Russia's president.


19) The "Fall Guy," with Ryan Gosling, opened below expectations and, at a $100 million budget (some say $150 million), this has to do huge to break even. Gosling was the male lead in the biggest movie of last year, "Barbie."

20) The current Miss USA, Utah's Noelia Vougt, resigned citing mental health concerns. Maybe it was her cause, "connecting with diverse communities."

21) There was a drive-by shooting at the rapper Drake's house when his security guard was shot in an ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar.

22) X-Box is cratering, despite buying a lot of 3rd party development. They are now toying with just putting everything on Sony Playstation 5. And in more big cuts, Microsoft shut down a bunch of developers.


23) A new study in Vaccine, a scholarly journal (and we have to "trust the science," right?) says the China Virus vax is linked to myocarditis, other heart issues, Bell's Palsy, and Guillain Barre Syndrome.


24) Pretty much on target.  Woke Jesus from the Babylon Bee.

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