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TODAY'S NEWS, May 8, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) Judge Aileen Cannon dealt a death blow to Count Dooku (Jack Smith) indefinitely postponing the Mar-a-Lago docs case. One thought on why she didn't dismiss outright was that she might be allowing Dooku to surrender gracefully. Regardless, Zen Master, my court source, said it's brilliant: Dooku cannot appeal an indefinite delay, but he could appeal a dismissal. And while we're on the subject of massive losses for the DemoKKKrats, a Georgia Appeals Court will hear the disqualification case against Fat Fani. A Communist News Network (CNN) legal analyst laughed out loud at Porny Daniels' testimony, saying the Trump legal team has been "very effective." CNN legalchode Elie Honig called the cross examination of Porny "Disastrous" for the prosecution. The entire lawfare offensive against President Trump is falling apart faster than the Dallas Cowboys in a playoff game.

2) Polling from the AARPIES (a very Trump unfriendly group) shows him leading by FOUR in Pennsylvania.

3) Dinobernie (Bernie Sanders) says the Hamas Murder Pirates' protests on campus could be Rutabaga's "Vietnam." No, Dino, the border, the economy, his mental incapacity, and his sheer evil are his Veetnam, but this won't help. This is Civil War #1 on full display. And more Civil War #1 here, as news that Rutabaga paused bomb transfers to Israel sparked outrage. See? They can't win either way.

4) You think the normies are getting just a tad sick of the lawfare, the criminality and acceptance of violence against ordinary people? Now the bus drivers in New Calcutta (LA) are striking over violence vs. drivers.

5) Lara Trump, a gem of a GOP Chairwoman, launched an election integrity suit in Nevada. Can you imagine where we'd be if she, not McRomBush, had been in office in 2020?

6) This explains a lot: RFK, Jr. said doctors found a dead worm inside his brain. But how did Anthony Fauci get inside RFK's brain?

7) I keep telling you, don't read our "Doomers." Read the DemoKKKrat insiders. This is from 2021---an updated 2016 autopsy, and this DemoKKKrat strategist still thought the Dems "ccould" win the House in 2022 . . . He noted the shift in Hispanics was very large and real; that while they "can" get the House, "we have no margin for error." He then warns "we could be locked out of power for a very long time." (Be still my beating heart). And, he warned, if they didn't take the House, the redistricting maps would work against them for the future. He also found that Trump saved the GOP and that voters didn't start moving back to the GOP until after 2016. He notes if Marco Rubio had been the nominee in 2016 Cankles would have won and DemoKKKrats would have taken the senate. Trump "has been very good for the GOP."

8) Shocked, I tell ya. North Carolina found 200,000 people on the voter rolls are missing SS numbers. Just think, President Trump won this state in both 2016 an 2020 WITH this fraud.

9) The DC Spoogeshredder of a prosecutor, Matthew Graves, has an abysmal record of prosecuting and convicting of real crimes, particularly gun crimes, so he goes for the easy targets of Patriot Day (J6) Protesters. This is another Haman who should meet Bibilcal justice.

10) Gun controls, including a "bump stock" ban, were defeated in the Pennsylvania House.

11) The evil communist gnome, Eric the Red Adams, says Rikers Island will be "ready" for President Trump if he is convicted. Dear chodepickle: there is a better chance YOU will end up in Rikers than President Trump.

12) Yet another court victory, a judge slapped down the Rutabaga administration's attempt to dismiss the Daily Wire censorship lawsuit.

13) Just the latest weight loss "miracle" that relies on burning the lining of the stomach to destroy the humger hormone.


14) Denver is begging citizens to take the illegal invaders into their homes. How about the top 1% in Denver each start off by taking 10? Or maybe 50?


15) From the great Ryan Burge: What is happening with the Southern Baptist Convention? From 1944-1984 the SBC brought into churches over 4,000 new members every single weekend. It hit a peak at over 16 million members in 2006, but has fallen to under 13 million today. However, the rate of decline has recently slowed by almost 50% and baptisms are up.

16) Two steps forward, one back as DEI dominates the University of Kentucky.


17) The states continue to fight back, as now Louisiana's AG has filed suit against Rutabaga for foisting the transoid dogma on public schools.


18) Not only do EV owners drive fewer miles than gas-car owners, but their operating costs are still higher!

19) This is why I like my favorite lib, Noah Smith: this is an excellent analysis of the ridiculous borrowing and spending and resultant inflation we currently face. As you borrow more, lenders become more scarce, and you're forced to simply print.

20) Tik Tok has sued the U.S. gubment for "forced divestment."

21) Texas has a 30-acre wind blade cemetery.


22) An excellent look at why all the Russkie "doomers" were wrong. For example, the "lost companies" that supposedly controlled 40% of the Russkie economy and left . . . were simply bought by Russians. Starbucks became "Stars." Now even the Financial Times admits it. Whereas prior to the sanctions, Pootie-poot had respected intellectual property, after sanctions he just took it, employing a "Russia First/MRGA" approach. From the article: "Western political leaders have no earthly idea how commodity markets work and vastly underestimate the technical prowess of their adversaries."

23) Meanwhile, in Ukraine, Green Screen Zelensky arrested two colonels in a plot to assassinate him.


24) The new, multi-named, Captain America movie, is a dumpster fire. Bad test screenings forced Disney to replace the entire movie. The movie has been re-shot without a script, and the director shot only action scenes. Star Anthony Mackie---who ain't Cap, but is something else, complained they didn't even have a villain. Is Disney re-thinking a new hero? Are you ready for this? Original test screenings among black people were completely hostile to a black Captain America. They are actually thinking of dumping the black guy to install . . . wait for it . . . Peggy Carter, a chick. The "M-She-U" is as lost as ever.

25) Vince Vaughn is struggling to sell tickets to his "Power of Success" conference in Australia. I like VV, and think he moved from kind of a predictable comic actor to a serious actor especially "Return to President" (1988).

26) Cankles' Broadway feminist show "Suffs" is struggling. Shocked, I tell ya.


27) The disgraced former NY Governor Andrew (Nipplepin Venthoarder) Cuomo admitted that the gubment lacked the authority to enforce the vax mandates.


28) Kyle Mills, an excellent author, took over the famous Vince Flynn series for several years after Vince's death.. Now he will leave the series to focus on his own character, "Fade." Best wishes to Kyle. Back in the 1990s, he wrote a great novel called Smoke Screen that dealt with Big Tobacco. It was so captivating that I used it in my business and economic history classes. Highly recommended.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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