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TODAY'S NEWS, May 9, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) The official mouthpiece of the DemoKKKrat Party, Politico, now admits what was obvious to Zen Master and myself months ago, namely "Trump's Political Fate Likely Won't Be Decided by the Courts After All." It bears a brief review here of why this is so important: the Left decided in 2023 that they could take President Trump out via "indictfare" or "lawfare." That is why they did not replace Rutabaga then, when they had the chance. They thought with Trump out, Rutabaga could beat Nick Knack, White Lizzo, or DeSoros easily.. Then, after the election, they would force him out and allow Harris (or, by then, if they had replaced her, her replacement) in. They gambled it all on "lawfare" and because they had three criminal trials and two civil trials to attack him with. One civil trial (Carroll) is done and on appeal. (I think the judgment will be overturned on appeal). The Count Dooku (Jack Smith) Mar-a-Lago docs case is now suspended indefinitely over Dooku's mishandling (deliberate fraud?) of documents. The Georgia "insurrection" case is on hold pending the Supreme Court's immunity decision, but may be in worse trouble as Fat Fani is now being investigated for being a lying crook by an appeals court. The New York civil asset trial has seen President Trump win all appeals to post bond pending an appeal of the amount and the decision to separate courts; and all that remains is Boast 'n' Bragg's pathetic Porny Daniels case, which even according to lib analysts is falling apart. Jonathan Turley says Judge Merchan in that case may already have committed a "reversable error." Life is good.

COMMENT: Remember when Trump's lawyers were all "incompetent?" His legal teams have

*Won the state ballot appeal 9-0

*Won a permanent delay in the Count Dooku/Jack Smith case.

*Won the NY civil bond deposit appeal

*Won the immunity appeal to the Supes. (I expect they will likely win most of the appeal details)

*Are destroying Porny Daniels on the stand

*Put Fat Fani in massive legal trouble. This is from the Atlanta Urinal Constipation no less.

3) Politicians come up with dumb ideas but this takes the cake. Little Sweaty Man, Marco Rubio, wants the president to have an "official" religious adviser as a gubment office. No. No. No. Immediately this would be an atheist or a Muslim. Less "official" religion in gubment, more Jesus in "official" religion.

4) Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. Ohio lawmakers adjourned without putting Rutabaga on the state's official ballot! It heads to court. So wouldn't it be ironic if a court decided RUTABAGA, not Trump, would not be on a ballot? And BTW, if . . . unlikely, but if . . . Rutabaga isn't on the official ballot, those are about 2.5 million votes that Rutabaga would not get. Or, 1/4 of his so-called 7 million edge in 2020.

5) Marjorie Taylor Greene failed in her effort to remove Mike Johnson as speaker. Folks, I'm a truth teller. The fact is that the MAJORITY of Rs in the House are pro-Uke. The "no more aid" faction is perhaps 50. Johnson, like it or not, represents both his LA constituents and his caucus.

6) This is refreshing. All 50 governors opposed a power grab by Rutabaga's minions to move the states' National Guards under control of Space Force, presumably to provide Rutabaga with some form of Praetorian guard.

7) Speaking of governors, the scrotal-lobotomy of a GA governor signed into law three separate election integrity bills. He had to. He knows they are popular and knows Trump will win.

8) One more example of how Rutabaga knows he's losing. They are pumping still more money into the battleground states. The BullSh*tWark, a Trump-hating rag, quotes President Trump's pollster---whom they describe as usually "pessimistic"---as "feeling good" about where the election is.

9) Meanwhile, DemoKKKrat insiders are now putting the whole election on Michigan.

7) Two 15-year-old boys were stabbed outside a McDonald's in New Kabul (NYC), but Rutabaga says crime is down.

8) NOT the Babylon Bee: Princeton students on a hunger strike are upset that the school isn't trying to feed them.

9) There is a growing sex scandal at the FDIC, not a spot particularly known for its playfulness.

10) This is refreshing. The OH Attorney General warns protesting students he will apply the KKK law to force them to remove their masks.

11) The South Carolina GOP disqualified several of its convention delegates for donating to RFK, Jr., or "Mr. Wormhole."


12) Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is increasing pressure on an NGO that is supporting the illegal invasion.

13) Meanwhile we are to ignore the shocking number of rapes committed by these criminal invaders.

14) DemoKKKrat Civil War #2: Many black insiders in Benghazi-by-the-Lake say they will be voting for President Trump: "We can't afford to keep subsidizing the illegals."

15) And more lawfare about what you can call these invaders, as a North Carolina student has sued a school board and an assistant principal for being suspended when he correctly used the term "illegal aliens." Well maybe the school has a point. The correct term IS "illegal criminal invaders." However, the Demented Pervert slipped up and called the illegal invaders "Hispanic voters."


16) A Christian club at a Florida school was shut down after complaints by atheists.


17) Typically, the evil clamknuckles in Kollyfornia's so-called gubment are putting up roadblocks to actually recycling plastics. These people DO NOT CARE about the environment. It should be clear to all by now. They only care about killing capitalism.

18) Zero's pus-mutton of an advisor, David ("Dullaxe") Axelrod admits that Rutabaga's economic formulations are the result of his "pride," (i.e., arrogance), not empathy. A demented pervert is incapable of empathy.


19) Poland has a border wall with Belarus to keep illegal criminal aliens out.


20) I am not an anime fan, but my son is. Anime is big. Now a Disney exec admits that they are trying to force Japanese developers, who have an un-woke style, to adopt Disneyesque standards. A Disney exec says it's to reach a "broader" audience, but the anime niche is solid and will dissipate if forced to change. Speaking of ther Groomer Kingdom, Disney and grocery store Kroger are joining forces to bring retail streaming to the store's delivery service.

21) Wonderful news as woke Participant Media has been forced to shutter due to lack of audiences.

22) More! Warner Bros. "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" game, which was strongly woke, lost $200 million. The non-woke "Hogwart's Legacy" made a tone of money. Seeing a pattern here?


23) AstraZenica has pulled its China Virus vax after admitting a "rare" side effect. Ah, ya know, maybe . . . just maybe . . . if you guys allowed for proper reporting of side effects, you'd find it isn't "rare" at all. Just sayin' . . . .


24) Billy Joel turns 75 today. My Billy Joel story: In 2009, while writing You Keep Me Hangin' On, my co-authored biography of Vanilla Fudge keyboardists/singer Mark Stein, he asked me to interview Billy. Joel was gracious and we spoke for an hour. He was one of only two rockers I either personally interviewed or whom I read about who said that someone besides the Beatles was his inspiration to do rock---he said Dave Brubeck Quartet. Can't argue with that. Anyway, Joel agreed to be in our film coming later that year, "Rockin' the Wall," but had surgery in the narrow window we needed to film him. Our loss.

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Film maker,NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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