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The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) I am going to lead with this as it was the topic of my "New Whine in Old Skins" Substack on Tuesday: I said that like the college radicals of the 60s, whose "demands" were all a pretense for total collapse of the system, the Hamas murder protesters want nothing short of Israel's extinction. Then they are coming for you and me. Here's proof.

2) This is what real reporting looks like: revealing critical new information to the public. It's still full of crappy digs at President Trump, but still, how many of you ever heard of Susie Miles, who may be the new White House Chief of Staff for President Trump and is a force of stability?

3) When the history of this era is written, it may well be that one of the biggest blunders ever of the anti-Trump lawfare attempt was to demand he stay in New York, as President Trump now says he'll make a play for the state's EC vote. In the last poll he was only down 10, and both Civil Wars are affecting the DemoKKKrats there. Hence this op-ed writer notes what a monstrous mistake it was for Boast 'n' Bragg.

4) Meanwhile, this Kaplan Strategies Report says President Trump is in a "strong position" to win the battleground states, while Rutabaga's approval is the worst ever for a president at this point in his administration.

5) In the oral arguments before the Supes, Kegger Kavanaugh earned his pay by asking the gubment why Zero was never brought up on charges of drone-killing a U.S. citizen. The SCOTUS Blog says the Court is likely to side with the President on "some immunity." Let's hope it's "lots."

6) When it comes to criminal prosecution of the homeless and the requirement that states can force hospitals to perform abortions, the court was divided. When it came to allowing the National Labor Relations Board to file an injunction against Starburqua in a unionizing dispute, the Court overwhelmingly seemed to think (again) that the agencies and boards are exceeding their authority. So this is more bad news for the Deep State.

8) The New York Slimes complained that Rutabaga misses too many interviews. What interviews? He hasn't taken a single hostile question in his presidency. In return, Rutabaga is angry at the Slimes for not being loyal enough.

9) Julie Kelly, an astute Patriot Day (J6) reporter, claims Judge Aileen Cannon is exposing Count Dooku (Jack Smith) and his prosecutorial misconduct. Go get 'em, Judge. And remember how the Count met his eventual end!

10) In the good news story of the day, Schifty, the Human Lemur, was "allegedly" robbed in Groomer City (SF).

11) But of course he did: a black Baltimore athletic director is charged with using AI to write a fake racist rant, then when caught blamed the white principal.

12) This can't be good for DemoKKKrats: former "Runaways" front woman said "I fell for their lies."


13) The invaders run wild in Manhattan. Civil War #2 for the DemoKKKrats.

14) Meanwhile, these states are making it illegal and difficult for the invaders to enter, though none are on the border, while a San Diego, Kollyfornia official says his city is the "epicenter" of the invasion.

15) Nearly half of Latinos support mass deportation of the invaders.


16) "Feminism has left middle aged women single, childless, and depressed." Remember what the great Rush Limbaugh said: "Feminism is designed to give unattractive women access to the mainstream of society." True, but it still doesn't hide their unattractiveness, which figures in heavily in the equation of life. It is a reminder of the apocryphal story of Winston Churchill and a woman at a party: Woman: "Sir Winston, you are drunk." Churchill: "Yes, madam, and you are ugly. But in the morning I shall be sober and you shall still be ugly."

17) First it was Texas with the Texas State Troopers, now opolice at Ohio State broke up a pro-Hamas encampment. Good. Time to send the terrorists home. Let them put their money---and their lives---where there mouth is and take on the IDF.


18) Jennifer Sey, former Levi's exec who quit/was pushed out during the China Virus fight over lockdowns, has launched a new clothing line XX-XY to battle transoid incursions. Here is her "Hall of Fame" of women fighting the transoid menace.

19) This is why you cannot take fed money for anything. Now all colleges and universities that get federal funding and have "women's" sports will have to allow men to compete. Thank God at least some women aren't taking this lightly, as 4,000 have petitioned the NCAA to protect women's sports. That is probably a waste of time. The NCAA is as woke as they come. Red states, however, are rushing to oppose the new a-scientific ruling, setting up a legal showdown.

20) A Minnesota school councilor has exposed the means by which the public schools are trying to hide their transoid gender swap propaganda programs from parents. And, in the confluence of all evils, a drag queen in Massachusetts ordered school children to chant "Free Palestine." Almost certainly none of the kids even knew where Palestine was, unless they had gone to Sunday School . . . where they learned there was no such thing historically. Meanwhile in Tennessee and Kentucky, judges have upheld bans on gender-destroying so-called "care" (i.e., child mutilation). Meanwhile this principal in Albuquerque was given the boot after hosting a drag queen at a prom. Can't quite put my finger on it but it sure seems like a backlash is building against the whole transoid movement.


21) Ford reported a $132,000 loss on every EV sold. Speaking of electric crap, Hertz increased the number of electric cars it is dumping from 20,000 to 30,000. Remember, they are now finding that EVs lose their value faster than gas-powered cars.

22) In one of the very few things Rutabaga's admin has done right, the FTC proposed a ban on non-compete agreements. This would cause productivity and growth to explode under President Trump as it kicks in.

23) The Fed's favorite inflation indicator has gone up. Prepare for gas, meat, and egg prices to increase.

24) Retail sales in March were slightly worse than Feb, but that ain't the half of it: March had a statistical anomaly of having both Spring Break and Easter (Resurrection Day) fall in the same month. Similarly, statistics and the administration lie about the unemployed: Only 6.4 million are technically unemployed, but another 99.9 million Americans are just considered "not in the labor force" because they can't find jobs.


25) The U.S. has begun construction of Rutabaga's "aid pier" off Gaza. When Trump becomes president, this will disappear faster than the materials left for finishing the border wall.

26) Israeli TV is reporting that the murder terrorists at Hamas have been killing aid workers to manufacture a food crisis in Gaza.

27) The CEO of Norway's $1 trillion oil fund says Americans "just work harder." Coulda fooled me with all the ubiquitous "Help Wanted" signs.

28) ChiCom youts are dropping out in the "let it rot" movement. They just ain't working. "I have my own anti-social behavior." ChiCom unemployment has hit record highs.

29) You didn't think the Russkies would just sit there and take it did you? Russia has seized over $440 million from JPMorgan.


30) Mike Pinder, keyboardist of the Moody Blues, has his last night in white satin as he died at age 82.

31) CNN Hostette Poppy Harlow has ditched the network.

32) Robert Downy, Jr. wants to return as "Iron Man," but Marvel is resistant. He b daid.


33) They are still lying about the China Virus. This analysis shows how their latest attempt---claiming "long Covid" is responsible for excess deaths---is yet another lie. And this study shows excess cancers due to the vax, as does this analysis.


34) Well, I guess if you're really late . . . this passenger ran onto the tarmac and tried to board a plane through the cargo hold. Hey, at least he would have leg room. But how do you deplane?

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