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Today's News, January 2, 2024

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow

Mrs LS's feel-good story of the day: Since Eric the Red Adams tried to block busses coming from Texas and elsewhere, New Jersey officials reported the busses are dropping the illegal criminal invaders off at the Jersey train station across the river and they are just coming in by train. Necessity is the mother of invention.


1) The D.C. elites are freaking out that President Trump may have his own formerly classified binder, which shows that it was the FascistBI, the CIA, the DoINJustice, and the bureaucratic Deep State that drummed up the "Muh Russia" story.

2) Scott Presler continues to run rings around the RNC, now is registering new voters at gun shows.

4) This is in the HuffnPuffPo, so you know they are worried: "Senate becoming more MAGA." There is a very good chance Rs will win WV, a decent chance---if Enema runs as an independent---that Kari Lake ends up with the AZ senate seat, a possibility that we take NV, and outside shots at MI, Wi, and MT. I think OH is out of reach for Rs, while FL and TX are out of reach for Ds.

5) A New York Post report says Bill Clinton will be unmasked as one of the John Does in the Epstein (he-didn-t-kill-himself) flight logs.

6) Not surprised. The useless worm of a governor in Ohio who vetoed the transoid bill there, Mike DeWeenie, took $40,000 from Children's Hospital that boasting of transoid surgeries.

7) Probably a good thing given the carnage he has inflicted on America, but Rutabaga spent 37% of his time on vacation.

8) A car laden with explosives plowed into a rock concert in Rochester, killing two. The driver, a "bipolar man," was engaged in a possible act of terrorism.

9) . . . while Miami youts, just expressing themselves by throwing firecrackers (also known as bombs) at each other in a mall had to be chastened by over 60 police.

10) Now it's NBC, Nothing But Communists, concerned the left will lose big in 2024. Folks, if they truly believed they had it locked with fraud you wouldn't see these kinds of stories.

13) Now fewer than 1/3 of Republicans think Rutabaga was legitimately elected. What's wrong with the rest of you?

14) Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's "No whites" party did not violate the law, says the AG. Of course not. DemoKKKrats can never violate a law.

15) The Burger King chef who was given a measly gift after 27 years on the job bought his first home after a fundraising campaign raised $400,000 for him.


16) This is rich. The WHO (not the Who, who have more sense) is under fire from transoids for calling for a self-ID. Like most of these people aren't, er, obvious?


17) Our debt is now bigger than not just our budget, but than our entire economy, and the "unfunded liabilities" of each American now stands at $632,000.

18) American retailers closed over 4,600 stores in 2023, with more to come.

19) Bidenomics in one chart, as the top 1% make more than the entire middle class put together.

20) Motor Trend tried to test drive a F-150 electric truck. What happened was ridiculous. No normal driver who had a job or places to go could do this.

21) The FDA has recalled 657,000 cans of infant formula due to bacterial contamination.


22) Annnnnnd another ship containing lithium batteries is on fire off the coast of Alaska. Stop making these eco-bombs NOW.

23) Arctic sea ice is at its highest in 20 years.

24) And the world is getting greener, in part thanks to tree planting by India and China.

25) 26) The Israeli supreme court struck down a law that would have limited its own power. That's why it's nice to have a constitutional amendment process that can slap down tyrants like this.

A 7.6 earthquake hit Japan, sending ripples to Kollyfornia.

27) The UK Methodist Church is trying to discourage the use of "husband" and "wife." Maybe we should just discourage the use of the Methodist Church and find something that actually comports with the Bible?

28) It was probably inevitable. UK police are now investigating a "virtual rape" from an immersive video game. Next up, virtual bullying where one inept player reports being beaten by better players.

29) Is the UK becoming a "bank desert?" 200 more banks close, bringing the total to 6,000 since 2015.

30) The strongest solar flare since 2017 was detected. Not good.

31) A South Korean leader was stabbed in the neck while speaking to a crowd.

32) India's space agency launched a mission to study black holes. Like Calcutta? (Sorry, little history humor).

33) A Japanese airline flight that was landing hit a Coast Guard aircraft that was headed to help earthquake victims. Astoundingly, despite being engulfed in flames, all 379 passengers and the crew were evacuated from the airliner, but all five Coast Guard members were killed.


34) Tom Wilkinson, who played the fiction character modeled on Gen. Cornwallis in "The Patriot" and best known for his role in "In the Bedroom," dead at age 75.

35) Lewis Capaldi is back after a career break to deal with severe mental health issues that caused him to have debilitating nervous tics.


36) People who have had two China Virus vaxxes are more likely to develop "long Covid." Good stuff here:

37) The top 10 China Virus stories of the year.


28) I don't think this is what Jesus had in mind when He drove the money changers from the temple. A pastor tried to push a McDonald's cook's head into the deep fryer. Wow. seriously? McDonald's fries aren't done enough for ya? Jeez. Try Wendy's. Those are some raw spuds.

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