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Today's News, November 30, 2023

Updated: Jan 2

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow


1) By agreeing to debate Gov. Gruesome, DeSoros proves he's a subversive force to MAGA. As I have been saying, you cannot start your political campaign on a lie ("I haven't decided if I'm running") and by backstabbing the guy who got you your job. Truly DeSoros is done after his last two years as gov, and this is a no win situation. If he "wins" he defeats a nobody who is polling 4-5 points lower than Rutabaga; and if he loses, it shows his ineptitude. Plus no one is watching.

2) Traitor Tuppence's deposition notes, supposedly obtained by Count Dooku (Jack Smith) say that he had at one point planned to skip presiding over the Joint Session counting the votes because there were "too many questions" about the legality of the election.

3) Another DemoKKKrat at Vox spinning hopium that while Rutabaga's poll numbers look bad now (really bad), gee, they will mysteriously improve. BTW, the groups that he thinks are deserting Rutabaga---"disaffected DemoKKKrats" and tuned out indies---are NOT the ones he needs to worry about, as other commentators are pointing out. It's the Hispanics, blacks, and youts who are leaving Rutabaga in droves.

4) Here is another reason they are panicking. Minnesota, where Rutabaga supposedly won (acknowledging fraud) by 7.2% now is a "statistical tie" according to new poling by Richard Baris.

5) Remember the two columns by Naomi Wolf and Jennifer Sey I had yesterday. This ties in with those, about Marfa, Texas where they filmed "Giant." The "Overclass" has descended, and now prices are so high that no one can afford to live there except the 1%ers.

6) So now they are actually indicting people for election fraud but the new "moved goalpost" is "it didn't change the results."

7) Sign from God? The national Christmas Tree fell in front of the White House in high winds.

8) President Trump has filed a "motion to compel discovery" in Count Dooku's Washington D.C. docs case revealing one of the worst cybersecurity incidents in history.

9) Meanwhile, in Letitia (Rick) James's NY case against President Trump, a Deutschbank official destroyed the prosecutor's whole case saying President Trump did not inflate values and that changes in valuations over time were not unusual.

10) . . . and ANOTHER court rejected an attempt, this time by Rhode Island, to keep President Trump off the ballot.

11) DeSoros, who said that people should not criticize endorsements of candidates, did exactly that after the so-called "libertarian" Koch Brothers AFP endorsed Nick Knack Paddywhack Give a Uke a Bomb.

12) Seriously. The mayor of Benghazi-by-the-Lake, "Let's Go Brandon" Johnson, actually blames Mayor Beetlejuice, his predecessor, for that rathole of a city's problems

13) Serious first world problems: Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it can't fit next to other superyachts. I guess this is "yacht-envy."

14) This is another reason the DemoKKKrats are really getting scared. Rutabaga has fallen to a 27% approval among indies. This is an 8-point drop in October alone.

15) Count Dooku, Special Counsel Jack Smith, sought info on anyone who re-tweeted President Trump on Twitter.

16) United Airlines suspended a pro=Hamas pilot.

17) Anti-trumper Jim Durkin had to drop out of the Cook County state attorney's race because of opposition from MAGA. Good!

18) While I strongly agree that the 2020 election was stolen and that the Patriot Day (J6) activities were provoked and designed by Botoxic to manufacture a riot, I disagree that the goal was to change the electoral vote. Trump was not going to win that count. The reason is that the procedure, had the "insurrection" not occurred, would have had Sen. Josh Hawley and a Republican congressman introduce a challenge to get each house to review the challenge evidence. The House of Representatives under Botoxic would have turned this challenge away in seconds. I think---but can't prove---that the Senate may have given the challengers a hal

f hour at most, then rejected the challenge.

19) Oh? A court has ordered the FBI to turn over info on the Seth Rich case.


20) The "Competency Crisis" is upon us. Hearing from those working in tech that American students especially have no concept at all of analog; and that problem solving is beyond the new employees.


21) Follow along now: Norweigian cops report a "woman" has been charged with killing a "man" when a transoid male murdered a transoid female. Capiche?

22) Parental disorders are fueling transoidism: "Transhausen by proxy."


23) David Blackmon, the "Rush Limbaugh of Energy," reports that the next big thing is the Permian Basin.

24) US food costs up 25% under Rutabaga. I was just at Wal-Mart to buy some Thanksgiving victuals. Could have sworn it was 100%.

25) Broadband CEO Hock Tan delated a $69 billion deal with Chy-na after attending a $40,000 a plate dinner with Xi.

26) This is what they're going with; the number of shoppers over Thanksgiving rose.

27) The Rutabaga economy: McDonald's "Extra Value Meals" now at $18, up from $10 in 2018.

28) Speaking of the U.S. economy: did it really grow at 5.2% last quarter? No, government grew at 5.2% making it look like the economy grew.

29) The real cost of the auto strike was $1.1 billion, coming out of EVs as I predicted. You either subsidize EVs or pay employees. Can't do both.

30) Mark Cuban announced he would sell his stake in the Dallas Mavericks NBA team.


31) The UAE has now ditched the dollar for oil trades.

32) Oh? The ChiComs are ordering officials to downplay the new virus outbreak in a break from earlier hysterical reactions.

33) Anyone who knows the Huns could have seen this coming. With the energy sector struggling mightily to keep up because of the stupid wind/solar inefficiencies, German grid operators have been empowered to restrict EV chargers (!) and heat pumps. So if you have a stupid EV in Germany---which they wanted you to buy---they will now be restricting your ability to drive. Huns gonna be Huns.

34) That fine upstanding cocaine and trafficking hub, Columbia, has provided land for "migrants" traveling northward to Los Estados Unidos.

36) Brit gymnastics coach has banned scales after being accused of fat shaming. Prepare for Lizzo on the uneven bars---which will quickly become REALLY uneven

37) The "saddest elephant in the world" died at age 49 after spending most of her life alone in a Mali zoo.


38) Rapper Nardo Wick's entourage beat a young man asking for a photo senseless leaving him in critical condition. I guess the good news for Nardo was that unlike so many rappers, he wasn't shot.

39) Insider rumors suggest (thank God) we've seen the last of "She Hulk." She Hulk is M-SHE-U's Seeesaster. Ratings were terrible.

40) Disney, not happy with destroying three franchises, has homosexualized its latest Christmas movie.

41) As an author, this warms my heart: post-George Floyd book contracts to woke=ists have flopped massively. One book sold 3,500 copies, Ellen Page "I've become a man now" $3 million memoir sold a mere 68,000.


42) A man who had headaches for five months learned he had chopsticks in his brain. Yeah, that happens to me a lot. Seriously, he was a) drunk and b) in a fight and c) in Vietnam. These stories never seem to end: "A man learned he had a $26 million lotto ticket in his brain."

Larry Schweikart

Rock drummer, Filmmaker, NYTimes #1 bestselling author

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