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The Rhythm of History

Discover the Extraordinary Life
of Larry Schweikart


Prepare to be captivated by an incredible journey like no other! From humble beginnings in a small town to commanding the rock and roll concert stages; from advising a President to debating with Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman while going down the Danube River in a barge, Larry Schweikart's life story is an epic tale of passion, perseverance, and remarkable achievements. And now, for a limited time, you have the exclusive opportunity to grab a FREE excerpt from Larry's highly anticipated autobiography, The Rhythm of History

Experience the gripping narrative of a man who transcended boundaries, from the music industry to becoming a Ph.D. Professor, and even coaching an NCAA basketball team. His journey weaves through teaching history, making two inspiring documentary films, and penning a #1 bestselling history book, A Patriot’s History


In his captivating autobiography, you'll uncover the triumphs and trials that shaped Larry's life and gain a deeper understanding of the experiences that fueled his passion for history. Immerse yourself in the pages that chronicle a remarkable path of personal growth, academic accomplishments, and unforgettable adventures.

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